Tom Bergeron

Saxophonist | Band Leader | Recording Artist | Record Producer | Professor of Music - Retired


"Tom Bergeron stunned the audience...with some brilliant alto saxophone improvisation." 

~ Sue Pilla, Eclipse Jazz Newsletter (Ann Arbor, MI)


"Tom Bergeron brought the house down with a stunning performance." 

~ W. Thomas Marrocco, Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)


"Tom Bergeron's sax is so sweet your blood sugar soars."

"Outrageously good."

"Whatever Bergeron was wasn't enough." 

~ Karen Kammerer, Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)


"Bergeron is a virtuosic saxophonist....He is a master of classical, improvisatory, avant garde, and jazz performance." 

~ Jason DuMars, International Saxophone Home Page


"The climax of the evening [was] Bergeron's rapturous and brilliant work."

"Tom Bergeron stole the show with his frisky Eric Dolphy-like romps." 

~ Mike Heffley, What's Happening (Eugene, OR)


"Bergeron, like Osby, produces clear, precise lines." 

~ Mark Corroto,


"Bergeron's compositions move like a well-plotted story." 

~ Lynn Darroch, The Oregonian


"Ferociously talented, pyrotechnically gifted." 

~ Scott Williams, Sentinel and Enterprise (Fitchburg, MA)


"Bergeron's rounded tone is so smooth, his dynamic control so exquisite that the sound envelops you like a cool flannel sheet."

"Bergeron's music is an Oregon microbrew of rich flavors and rare quality."

"So good he's scary." 

~ Brett Campbell, Eugene Weekly/What's Happening (Eugene, OR)


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